The importance of donating blood for help the patients

Science, medicine and technology have improved our health considerably, but there is something that researchers are not capable of producing human blood. Nearly 10,000 donations a day are needed to treat patients in France. The blood donation Establishment regularly launches emergency campaigns because the need for blood products is particularly important. Whether you are a regular, sporadic or potential donor, here are some things you may not have known about. You can also build your donor community, in order to know more you must always seek the professional help.

Give blood is good for your health

To work well, the heart needs a certain flow and volume of blood. According to the Blood Flow Online website, donating blood regularly helps to reduce the thickness of the blood and allows it to flow more easily into the blood vessels to reach the heart. Giving blood can also reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. Indeed, the donation helps to reduce iron stores (which is why anemic cannot give) and thus reduces the amount of damage caused by free radicals in the body.

A man saved 2 million babies thanks to his blood

A person who gives blood regularly can save about 1,000 lives during his lifetime. But the Australian James Harrison managed to save 2 million because of his blood of a very rare type. Indeed, it contained high levels of a specific antibody used to treat cases of hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Donations help cancer patients

Blood products are prescribed mainly for hemorrhage (childbirth, surgery or accident) and for cancers and blood diseases. The treatment of these diseases requires, as appropriate, regular transfusions and in large quantities. In addition, treatment with chemotherapy results in the destruction of bone marrow cells, the origin of blood cells. The body can not renew them and it needs transfusions of platelets and red blood cells.

Needs increase during holidays

Our days are well filled before the winter or summer holidays, and the donation of blood is no longer a priority. The blood cannot be stored for a long time (5 days for platelets, 42 days for red blood cells), which is why the organization reserves decrease during these crucial periods because the number of road accidents has tendency to increase.

Type 0+ is the most requested

Although all blood groups are necessary and welcome, 0 positive people are those whose blood is most in demand. This group being the most widespread, it is more likely to be transfused, says the site Medical Daily. The health of a million people in France depends on this gesture of solidarity that is the gift of blood. From the donor to the recipient, the main stages of this chain of life.

Step one analyze the blood collected

The first step called “qualification of donations” is essential because it allows to analyze the blood collected and to check the quality. In addition to the blood collected for the recipient, several sample tubes are taken from each donor. The goal is to perform a number of tests to ensure what is called transfusion safety. This is to remove the blood that could be infected and avoid any incompatibility between donor and recipient.

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